This mural was painted in 2 and a half days.
I painted in the rain for the first half-day.
The day after the piece had been completely altered and dissolved by the rain.
The next two days I painted over the first layer incorporating into my work the textures created by the rain

“Nomadism is a practice of time-displacement, a process of remembering or actualizing, where virtual actualization is a form of creation (Gilles Deleuze).”

The Nomadic experiments are an ongoing project that changes over time.
Lived days and visited places will be time and space within which the artist experiments different forms, materials and ideas based on the concept that space could provide the most precious of materials and time should be the main instrument for the transformation of the first. The development of site-specific interventions, after a previous design phase, will be made in relation to the changes arisen from the encounter between project theory and its manifestation in reality. The creative intent of the intervention, would be it painting, sculpture, installation, print responds to the need to break away from reality to approach another reality. The city and / or sometimes isolated other times familiar lands become an escape from an enclosed space leading artist from one place to another, as continuous source of random situations. By creating multiple temporalities the artist traces the processes that take on a meaning not so much in relation to a possible audience but in the fact of having been conceived and, along the way, realized. The practice of nomadism and the experimental technique bring with themselves a sense of displacement and can not be reduced only to the post-production phase; they are rather a way of rethinking the production constantly changing point of view.
According to an approach in motion the artist researches, documents and experiences progressively different conceptions of reality that result in the final appropriation of time within the experience of space.